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Create accuracy by visualizing your most basic ideas and anticipate your future strategies and business plans.


Our Story Creativity & The Big Picture

Creanovo creates Roadmaps that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better. With our in-depth exploration 3step method of concepts, design language and technical know-how, we take your planning to the next level in our Workshops.

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Open & InCompany brainstorming to resolve Roadmaps.
Learn Graphic Recording, Facilition


Learn Graphic Recording, Facilition & Storytelling.
Explore limitless new worlds  with VR.


Explore limitless new worlds with VR.

Client Testimonials What Clients Say

  • “Mille was wonderful and the sessions were all well attended and we even displayed all of the art during the final day of the conference…Thanks for working with us on this event!”

    Alice Clifford
    Event Content Manager
    Adventure Travel Trade Association
  • “Mille summarizes it fantastically and creates entire worlds of my ideas, his work with my last performance was the icing on the cake.”

    Micael Dahlen
    Lector & Economy Professor
    Svenska Handels Högskolan
  • “With Creanovo we managed to draw an image saying more than 1000 words. Its a very powerful tool to capture ideas with, to put on a blank sheet. Creativity in its best form to workshop innovation & future visions and definitely a must have for Chile today!”

    Mauricio Salinas Hudson
    Vicepresidente ventas
  • “Milles skills have in a fantastic way helped us to implement both large and creative visions with 100 people to small critical strategy workshops with 5. The way they have opened participants minds and captured ideas by visualizing them is unmatched. They are at the same time multiplier and timesaver.”

    Erik Bergström

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