Open Workshop

What values will you gain from the workshops?

Get effective feedback and personalized advice

Understand your situational picture, the future vision and how to reach the results

Generate an accurate overview on your strategy and a Road Map

Inspirational – 1 day

Reflect and understand the situation that you are in and what the implications are for your current business plan. Draw a visualization of a satellite-perspective with questions and feedback.

Future Vision – 1 day

First step in professional brainstorming to visualize the future of your project & business.  Develop, get inspired, be motivated, travel into the future to catch opportunities through max creativity.

Company Representatives – 1 day

Develope with others in similar situations with creativity in focus. Get inspired within popular topics such as digitization, transformation, future vision, strategy & innovation.

Development – 3 days

One of our most popular workshops beneficial for those who really wants to get deep in their project. Transform ideas and visions into concrete actions and develop a Road Map while still benefiting of sparring with others in similar situations. Analyze your business and direction with guidance and advice from our experts. During the workshop you will work with our 3-step method. 1: Situational Landscape,  2: Future Vision, 3: Road Map.